Argument essay on security cameras

Some people are opposed to this, saying that it invades our privacy. What do you think?

Argument essay on security cameras

Security Cameras as a Threat to Privacy Essay: Currently, surveillance cameras are accustomed not only by the authority but also by individuals and other private or secret firms. The use of cctv devices have become so usually used that it has affected our typical way of living.

Considering before they appeared only in banks and at high-secutiry areas, they are now accessing public places such as malls, streets and transport.

And the public surveillance cameras being an invasion of privacy and it has been growing for the past few years. Many people contend that the steady video surveillance is an invasion of their privacy.

To maintain the privacy and freedom of the people, the security cameras should not be allowed. Security cameras may pose a threat to personal privacy through the recording of video.

Firstly, some security camera systems are virtuously intended for live monitoring, the enormous majorities grasp advantage of the ability to record and store videos on a companion device. Secondly, when a series of cameras sends a video to a set of monitors watched by a person or group, those being caught by the cameras may feel that their privacy is being trespassed.

And why should they be able to videotape us? The people need to be respected, we have a voice and we need to use it.

We are people and not dummies. Lastly, in many places, such a busy mall or a parking lot, being watched via security camera monitors may not seem specifically invasive.

When security cameras are placed in more close areas, although, such as dressing rooms or restaurants, those caught on tape may feel as though their, every step is being watched, possibly making them feel uncomfortable.

Whereas personnel charged with watching live security camera videos are typically professionals with considerable experience in handling such devices and data, those delicate about their privacy and freedom may nevertheless hate being watched while going about their daily lives.

Officers and workers being dependent on surveillance cameras. Instead of watching and monitoring, they are more likely dependent on surveillance cameras.

There is no question that live monitoring and recording of videos through installing surveillance cameras give individuals a sense of security as these surveillance cameras will supply a deterrent against crime. Security cameras help stop crime; that is not an opinion, it is a fact. And surveillance cameras have many benefits.

A distinct benefit is that the police can catch criminals in the act, thus decreasing crime. This will make the streets safer for people. A more important point is that criminals, specifically young offenders or petty criminals will be deterred.

Argument essay on security cameras

They will not be provoked to carry out crimes, and hence society will be a lot safer. However, CCTV systems, as stated, will not stop crime. In some places with many cameras the crime rate is higher than in other places. A person who is crazy enough to perform a crime is going to do everything to make sure they will not be seen out.

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CCTV cameras are just there to give the public a false feeling of safety and are a less potent cover for policing. Rather of hiring a guard to keep observe over a business, or an officer to watch a busy intersection or jammed area, it is easier and cheaper for companies to install a surveillance camera, rather than hire a person to do the job.

This growth of security cameras has directly affected employment. We also need to develop clearer rules about when and where surveillance cameras should be used, which are now absent.

It makes sense to have cameras in places where crime are of particular concern such as in near major bridges and tunnels. It would be more bothering to learn, although, that the authority has centered cameras on the front doors of our houses just to keep track of our comings and goings.

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Argumentative Essays - Schools Must Install Security Cameras in Classrooms. "Argumentative Essay On The Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras In The Workplac" Essays and Research Papers Argumentative Essay On The Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras In The Workplac Surveillance cameras in banks, offices, shops and streets have been very successful in reducing crime in the workplace and in public, but they are also a tool for their users to spy on people's private business.

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While these samples are representative of the content of, they are not comprehensive nor are they the most curspeeches, opinion pieces argumentative essays, and historical, scientific Rapid growth and progress in the medical, industrial, security and technology fields meansconsideration for the use of camera based optical character Bob Jensen.

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