Crevelds transformation of war essay

To view it, click here. A book that moves beyond the Clausewitzian framework. Basically states that war as it is traditionally known will no longer work.

Crevelds transformation of war essay

Inhis family immigrated to Israel, and Creveld grew up in Ramat Gan. He became a professor in He lives in Mevaseret Zion. Van Creveld has lectured or taught at countless civilian and military institutes of higher learning all over the world.

In this treatise of military theory, van Creveld develops what he calls the non-trinitarian theory of warfare, which he juxtaposes to the famous work by ClausewitzOn War. Instead, he proposes five key issues of war: By whom war is fought — whether by states or by non-state actors What is war all about — the relationships between the actors, and between them and the non-combatants How war is fought — issues of strategy and tactics What war is fought for — whether to enhance national power, or as an end to itself Why war is fought — the motivations of the individual soldier Van Creveld notes that many of the wars fought after were low-intensity conflicts LICs which powerful states ended up losing.

The book argues that we are seeing a decline of the nation-state, without a comparable decline in organized violence. Moreover, in his view, armies consistently train and equip to fight a conventional war, rather than the LICs they are likely to face.

Consequently, it is imperative that nation states change the training of their armed forces and rethink their weapon procurement programs.

Review of “The Transformation of War” by Martin van Creveld

The book's significance is attested to by the fact that until the middle ofit was included on the list of required reading for United States Army officers, and with Sun Tzu and Clausewitz the third non-American entry on the list.

Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton is now included on the list as well. In a commander's quest for certainty in battlefield information, Van Creveld popularized "directed telescope" as a term to describe the use of specially selected and trusted officers as special agents or observers for the commander".

The most important of these is The Privileged Sex — which argues that the idea women are the oppressed gender is largely a myth, and that women, and not men, are the privileged gender.

In a TV interview inhe expressed doubts as to the ability of the Israeli army to defeat the Palestinians: They [Israeli soldiers] are very brave people The problem is that you cannot prove yourself against someone who is much weaker than yourself.

They are in a lose-lose situation. If you are strong and fighting the weak, then if you kill your opponent then you are a scoundrel So here is a dilemma which others have suffered before us, and for which as far as I can see there is simply no escape.

Now the Israeli army has not by any means been the worst of the lot. It has not done what for instance the Americans did in Vietnam So everything is relative, but by definition, to return to what I said earlier, if you are strong and you are fighting the weak, then anything you do is criminal.

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force….

Crevelds transformation of war essay

We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

His analysis included harsh criticism of the Bush Administrationcomparing the war to the Vietnam war. Moreover, he said that " Bush deserves to be impeached and, once he has been removed from office, put on trial.

We Israelis have what it takes to deter an Iranian attack. We are in no danger at all of having an Iranian nuclear weapon dropped on us He noted that Hezbollah "had the fight knocked out of it," lost hundreds of its members and that the organization was "thrown out of South Lebanon," replaced by "a fairly robust United Nations peacekeeping force.

A Reassessment", Martin van Creveld argued that contrary to the common view, and despite "clumsy, heavy-handed, and slow" ground operations, the Second Lebanon War was a great victory for Israel.

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He states that as a result of the war, "since the middle of Augustall over southern Lebanon hardly a shot has been fired. Furthermore, provided that it would be demilitarized in any future peace settlement with the Palestinians, the West Bank would act as a natural barrier impeding the advance of any army endeavoring to invade Israel by land from the east.

Lastly, Israel could defend itself against terrorism from the West Bank by means of a wall coupled with offensive campaigns the likes of Operation Cast Lead and the Second Lebanon Warwhich successfully restored Israel's deterrence factor when the level of terrorism exceeded what Israel was willing to tolerate.

Kramer, who lives in the West Bank settlement of Alfei Menashealso argued that the Israeli army plays a crucial role fighting terrorism in the West Bank, whereas its absence could precipitate a Hamas "takeover" similar to the one that occurred in the wake of Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in There are more differences than similarities.

He also observed that whereas the armies of Tunisia and Egypt could mediate the transitions between the old regimes and the new, "Libya lacks a professional, non-tribal army" that could function in such a role.The Transformation of War August 27, Author: van Creveld, Martin Title: The Transformation of War Publisher: New York, Harper Collins, ().

Transformation of war breaks away from Clausewitzian model of wars determined by the relationship and resolution of the state or the government, the population and the military, a concept which Creveld has denoted as the Trinitarian model of war.

The Transformation of War October-December Pascal Vennesson Tuesday 8hh Room 2 [email protected] Seminar Description. Van Creveld is the author of thirty-three books on military history, strategy, and other topics, of which Command in War (), Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton (, 2nd edition ), The Transformation of War (), The Sword and the Olive () and The Rise and Decline of the State () are among the best known.

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The Transformation Of War. by Martin Van Creveld Reviewed by Gregory F. Treverton. About the Author: Read more by Gregory F. Treverton. In This Review. The Transformation Of War. By Martin Van Creveld. Van Creveld, M.

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