Pmr english essay questions

During examination, it is advisable to use a highlighter or a red pen to highlight the key phrases Example 1:

Pmr english essay questions

Pmr english essay questions

Malay language[ edit ] The Malay language was a mandatory subject, and continues to be so in the exam's successor, the PT3. Before the PMR examination in October, there were oral examinations and a listening comprehension examination which were counted for the actual PMR examination.

These examinations were taken three times throughout Form 3, with the best results being selected as a final grade in the PMR examination.

In Paper One, 40 multiple choice questions were given to test the student's comprehension of the written language being tested, and lasted for typically one hour.

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Paper One was usually tougher, with results above 30 considered distinctive. Paper Two comprised four sections and was two hours long. For the first section, the candidates were required to write a summary based on the passage given, which also contained three comprehension questions on the same passage.

For the second section, the candidates were expected to write an essay of not more than words based on visual aids such as graphs, charts, images, multiple images, tables and cartoons that were provided to candidates. For the third section, candidates had to write an essay on one of five topics given to them.

The composition must have contained more than words, and carried the most number of marks. For the fourth and final section of the second paper, the candidates had to write a description for any one of the three novels studied by them in lower secondary school based on the instructions given.

The questions asked differed from year to year. English language[ edit ] Similar in format to the Malay language exam, the English language exam usually had an oral component, which assessed the students' proficiency in speaking the language, a listening comprehension examination, testing the students' ability to comprehend speech in daily situations, an examination to test the student's composition skills, and finally an examination testing the student's knowledge in grammar and vocabulary.

Oral and listening examination The oral and listening comprehension examination was taken before the PMR, which would contribute marks to the actual PMR examination. The oral examination was taken 3 times throughout the year with the best results selected for the PMR examination.

The oral and listening comprehension examination were usually taken together. This examination for the English language usually lasts about 10 to 15 minutes per student.

The maximum score for this examination is The oral examination is divided into 2 sections. The first section was to interpret an illustration given as thoroughly and detailed as possible, and give comments about their actions in a formal way and predict the outcome of such a situation, this being graded on a score of It was advised that students did not point to the picture.

No names were to be given and everything was to be said in present tense. The next section was to give a speech in front of a class. This part of the examination was different for each of the 3 oral examination per year.

For the first oral examination, this part of the test required the student to present an impromptu speech based on a topic given for more than 3 minutes.

Pmr english essay questions

For the second oral examination, this part of the test required the student to memorise a passage and present it in front of the class as interestingly as possible for about 5 minutes. For final oral examination, this part required 2 students to strike a conversation in front of the class for about 5 minutes which is relevant to the topic given.

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The maximum score for this part of the oral test is The final section of the English oral examination requires the student to answer questions spontaneously asked of the examiners related to the previous 2 sections, which often required their opinion and inference, this being graded on a score of The listening comprehension examination followed once the oral examination had finished for the particular class.

This examination would then test the students' ability to comprehend the spoken English language in various daily situations. This examination required the student to answer subjective questions which was based on the information contained in the audio played to the students.

This examination provided the final 10 marks. Written examination For the first paper of the English exam, students were required to answer 40 multiple choice questions in the course of an hour.

Questions based on grammarvocabularyphrases and idioms were tested.pt3 – koleksi soalan pertengahan tahun / soalan percubaan / modul soalan pt3 – koleksi soalan pertengahan tahun / soalan percubaan / modul soalan.

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