Saving planet earth rests on the decision of mankind

Pieces of wreckage were carefully removed and stored for further analysis. Since that time, the cause of the crash has been the focus of extended research, analysis, and even litigation.

Saving planet earth rests on the decision of mankind

It is derived from the Latin in and caro fleshmeaning clothed in flesh, the act of assuming flesh.

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Its only use in theology is in reference to that gracious, voluntary act of the Son of God in which He assumed a human body.

It is one of the greatest events to occur in the history of the universe. It is without parallel. God was manifest in the flesh. Confessedly, by common consent the Incarnation of Jesus Christ is outside the range of human natural comprehension and apprehension.

It can be made known only by Divine revelation in the Holy Scriptures, and to those only who are illumined by the Holy Spirit. It is a truth of the greatest magnitude that God in the Person of His Son should identify Himself completely with the human race.

And yet He did, for reasons He set forth clearly in His Word. Before we examine those reasons, it would be well at the outset to distinguish between the Incarnation and the Virgin Birth of our Lord, two truths sometimes confused by students of Scripture.

These two truths, while distinct and different, are closely related to each other and stand in support of each other.

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If Jesus Christ was not virgin born, then He was not God in the flesh and was therefore only a man possessing the same sinful nature that every fallen child of Adam possesses.

The fact of the Incarnation lies in the ever-existing One putting aside His eternal glory to become a man. The method of the Incarnation is the manner by which He chose to come, namely, the miraculous conception in the womb of a virgin. Cerinthus, a representative of the system which arose in the early church under the name of Docetism, claimed that our Lord had only an apparent human body.

And the Word became flesh. From the infinite position of eternal Godhood to the finite limitations of manhood! Paul gives another significant passage on the Incarnation in his Galatian Epistle: In these verses Paul establishes the fact of the Incarnation-- " God sent forth His Son, made of a woman.

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Since a son shares the nature of his father, so our Lord shares the Godhead coequally with His Father. The Son was given in eternity past before we knew Him. His human birth was merely the method of coming to us."At the age of 61, it's not really something that people should do," Swan told CBSN Originals of his decision to undertake the difficult journey across Antarctica a second time.

"The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind." "The best friend of earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth." "Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.".


Through Tuella. Although these Messages of the coming Earth Changes and Ascension of Planet Earth given by the Ashtar Command in the 's through Tuella (Thelma Terrell) have since been long delayed in their outcome, mainly through the strong efforts of the Forces of Darkness to eliminate or postpone the event, the instruction and program contained therein remains largely unchanged and.

Saving planet earth rests on the decision of mankind

But if the military belligerence of Earth’s nations extends into outer space, then robots like Gort will destroy our planet. “The decision rests with you.”.

This tendency may explain Blue Planet’s skirting of the obvious issues.

Saving planet earth rests on the decision of mankind

The most obvious is the fishing industry, which turns the astonishing life forms the rest of the series depicted into seafood. Mar 02,  · Share International Web site>>> @@@@@ @@@@@ | energies of Aquarius work their magic on Earth.

Increasingly people are being drawn together in consciousness; the energies of synthesis are performing their beneficent work. Already, many are.

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