Uncertainty map

Uncertainty quantification and Uncertainty propagation The most commonly used procedure for calculating measurement uncertainty is described in the "Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement" GUM published by ISO. The uncertainty of the result of a measurement generally consists of several components. The components are regarded as random variablesand may be grouped into two categories according to the method used to estimate their numerical values: Type A, those evaluated by statistical methods Type B, those evaluated by other means, e.

Uncertainty map

UMap is Uncertainty map simple tool to estimate the uncertainty in flood outline location. What does it do?

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UMap calculates the uncertainty in the location of the shoreline in 2 stages: UMap calculates the uncertainty in the water level predicted by a hydraulic model using a simple scoring technique the uncertainty can also be provided by the user.

Using two flood outlines and a DTM, UMap estimates the horizontal uncertainty in flood outline location based on the uncertainty in water level and the topographic slope Uncertainty map the floodplain.

Uncertainty map

An initial window will be displayed prompting you to specify the required input files, as shown below: Initial inputs required here are: The exact nature of this outline is not important, although it should lie outside i. This is used to estimate the sensitivity of shoreline location to water level.

For example, if uncertainty for the year outline is required, the or year outline can be used. These files can be specified using the adjacent browse buttons provided. Alternatively each item has a drop-down list that will be populated with compatible GIS files already loaded in your Flood Modeller map view.

Important note; the shape files can only be polyline or polygon type shape files. They cannot be polylineZ or polygonZ type.

When you run the UMap analysis the shape files cannot be opened elsewhere including in Flood Modeller otherwise the Umap tool will stop working.

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After selecting these files and clicking OK you will proceed to the main UMap interface as shown below: The previously specified files will be loaded in this interface. Additional inputs then required here to fully specify your uncertainty analysis are: These control how UMap splits the outline into lengths of different uncertainty.

Three classes are produced, and these are specified by giving the two values dividing these classes. There are two ways to determine these parameters: The numbers of shapefile points in each class are displayed by UMap. The name and location of the output file need to be specified as well.

Water level uncertainty You are allowed to specify water level uncertainty using one of the three following methods: Enter a fixed single value for the whole region. This can be derived by the user, for example from model sensitivity runs.

This method calculate the level uncertainty value using the following parameters:In metrology, measurement uncertainty is a non-negative parameter characterizing the dispersion of the values attributed to a measured quantity.

All measurements are subject to uncertainty and a measurement result is complete only when it is accompanied by a statement of the associated uncertainty. By international agreement, this uncertainty. uncertainty through calculations with maps so that decision makers have some idea of the reliability of their information.

To illustrate the ideas above consider the following example (Kiiveri, ). Uncertainty is a situation which involves imperfect or unknown information. It applies to predictions of future events, to physical measurements that are already made, or to the unknown.

Uncertainty map

Uncertainty arises in partially observable and/or stochastic environments. Communication is the critical link between the generation of information about forecast uncertainty (Chapter 3) and how information is used in decision making (Chapter 2).

This chapter discusses issues at the interface of generation and use. It builds on the foundation laid in Chapter 2, which. The Uncertainty of Maps [Nina Corwin] on plombier-nemours.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With wit, warmth and intelligence, the poems in Nina Corwin’s The Uncertainty of Maps embrace the foibles and limitations of humankind as it struggles to navigate life’s uncertain terrain.5/5(2).

In light of the potential of multiparental populations for high-density map construction and the limits of current approaches, we developed a novel sliding window approach to assessing map uncertainty in such populations.

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