Why were the nazis successful in

The term "Nazi" was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards farmer or peasantcharacterizing an awkward and clumsy person.

Why were the nazis successful in

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How successful were the Nazis at imposing their ideology on women? Nazis had 2 major policices for women: They provided financial incentives for married women leaving the workforce to have babies, and while these programs were reasonably successful the dream of radically increasing the German population through higher birth rates were never realized.

In fact, all upper-echelon Nazis had an average of only 2 children per family with the notable exception of Goebbels. Massive population increases which can be noted during the s were the result of the expansion of the Reich i.

Austria, the Sudetenland etc. While no doubt many women didn't mind staying at home to have families, it was difficult both financially and otherwise to return to such an unliberated state. Also, the women's organizations did not attract the same sort of numbers as the men's organizations did.

Women, therefore, clearly did not agree outright with Nazi policy. Further, women who were considered "outsiders" faced forced sterilization and other abuses prior to the outset of the war. The nazis were so popular because the were one of the first groups to inslave and trick so many people Share to: Why did the Nazis have little success before ?

The Nazis had little success before because the country didn'thave the same desperate economic need for change as it did lateron. Hitler failed to seize control in the Mu…nich Putsch. Hitler hadattempted to overthrow the government and thought that if heattempted to gain power, the German people would rise up andsupport him, but this was unsuccessful.

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The Nazis were not verywell known, and they were trying to force their way into power. They had a bit of a reputation for violence that turned the averagemiddle class voter away.

Why were the nazis successful in

It wasn't until they gained Hitler as aspokesperson in the s that the party started to gain momentum. What were the successes and failures of Fascism in Nazi Germany? Platform appealed to and unified the people: Repudiation of Versailles; remilitarization.

Blame of misfortunes on Jews and Bolsheviks.

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Democracy… was bad and offered change. Successful in legally obtaining power through democratic means; was successful in rising up in the Nazi Party; his party gained votes and gained the chancellorship. Reichstag Fire was used to ban political parties.

Enabling Act was passed, giving Hitler dictatorial powers. Night of the Long Knives was a successful purge of the SA and any potential opposition to Hitler's rule. Army swore allegiance to Hitler personally through the Fuhrer Oath.

Remilitarized the country and created alliances without punishment. Successfully misled and manipulated Britain and France into thinking that his demands would eventually be satisfied ie - Munich Conference. Took over many countries, some without much opposition - Austrian Anschluss and Czechoslovakia.

Made a treaty with the Soviets to prevent a two-front war Nazi-Soviet Pact. Beer Hall Putsch failed. Underestimated his enemies because he thought they would continue to appease him when he invaded Poland. The military wasn't ready for war.

Made an alliance with Italy Pact of Steel and then had to support Italy during much of the war because their army was so weak.

Why were the nazis successful in

Allowed the evacuation of Dunkirk to take place. Bombing of London Blitz raised their people's moral; it was supposed to lower it. He also stopped the Blitz when Britain was nearly exhausted of all air power. Hitler believed that the landing in Normandy was a diversionary attack and that it would really happen at Pas-de-Calais.

Pulled the economy out of the depression and unemployment problems through the Four-Year Plan - public works programs and remilitarization, grants, and loans.

Why Were The Nazi’s Successful in the 1920’s

Brought strength to the military and jobs to the people by ignoring the Versailles Treaty. Aryanization - the takeover of Jewish businesses was successful. This also led to more job opportunities for Aryans Economic Failures: Didn't change to a full wartime economy until The Nazi Party was successful in winning hearts and minds because the jobs were actually created, the military was built back up, and a scapegoat was created to .

The Nazi Party gained power relatively quickly in post-World War I Germany. As late as , the Nazis only received % of the vote in the Reichstag elections (The Reichstag was the German. The Nazis were among the first to recognize that the elimination of natural selection would lead to the degeneration of the population, as those at the bottom of the .

The Nazis were strongly influenced by the post–World War I far-right in Germany, Successful efforts were made to get middle-class women involved in social work assisting large families, and the Winter Relief campaigns acted as a ritual to generate public sympathy.

Why were the Nazis successful in keeping the support of most of the German people between ? By , Hitler and the Nazi Party had already had number of great achievements, one of them being the fact that Hitler had gone from operating the Munich Putsch, to becoming Chancellor.

by Marvin Zuckerman. RECENTLY, A FRIEND ASKED me the following question: Why were the Nazis so successful in exterminating six million European Jews?. I was dismayed by the attitude displayed with this question, but I gave him a simple, quick answer: A heavily armed superior force can do what it will with an unarmed civilian population surrounded by people, who, at one end of the spectrum are.

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