Youth outreach program business plan

Marketing and Community Outreach are Key to Sustainability Planning Marketing and Community Outreach are Key to Sustainability Planning A primary concern for any grant-funded programming is what will happen when the grant ends and that funding is no longer available. The second pillar, Marketing and Outreach, is crucial in and of itself, but it is also the pathway to the other three. A clear articulation of your program and its benefits is the foundation of your Marketing and Outreach, and it also serves to generate Internal Support Pillar Number One. With your organization fully on board, you can then more effectively look outward for the help you need to carry your programs into the future with the other two pillars:

Youth outreach program business plan

Helping Great Kids Become Great Adults Our Mission Our mission is to provide intervention, life-skills education and mentoring for adolescents at risk of facing serious challenges in their healthy transition to adulthood.

Help us fulfill our mission!

youth outreach program business plan

Our History For over 25 years, Red Wing Youth Outreach has played a unique role in the Red Wing community as an agency that not only works with students in school, but after-hours as well. Inthe Red Wing Community Advisory Team, a coalition of local agency representatives and business, school and city leaders assembled to address chemical abuse problems among the youth in our community.

The coalition determined that the chemical abuse problems persisted because the conditions contributing to them persisted. The group determined that a local youth-worker program was needed to counter-balance disengaged parents, broken homes and negative adult influences.

youth outreach program business plan

Red Wing Youth Outreach was born. Inwe added a second outreach worker and established offices in the schools. We incorporated as a nonprofit in and since than have expanded to include a third and fourth youth outreach worker, year-round programming and a full time director.

Feb 22,  · How to Start a Community Outreach Program. With the present year, crime rates are increasing particularly with juveniles. However, the problem lies with our juvenile system. Gather volunteers to work on your outreach program. Organize a plan for each volunteer to complete a list of tasks to complete. %(40). VTA's Youth Outreach Program (YOP) is an exciting and unique program designed to encourage Santa Clara County students to learn and experience the benefits of public transportation. The program is divided into two program elements: the Class Presentation and the Class Pass Program. EngageTLH, formerly the Community Outreach Program, allows students to get involved in regular or one-time service in the Tallahassee community, with different projects to choose from almost daily. EngageTLH service projects are offered at a variety of non-profit agencies at different days and times each week.

Currently, we serve youth in a number of capacities throughout Goodhue and Wabasha Counties. Mandy Arden Mandy Arden is the full time Director.

She is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.

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Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors. Her past experience with youth includes work at the Minnesota Correctional Facility as a corrections officer, Youth Enrichment League as an extracurricular activities teacher and the Ark of Bethany Church as a teacher.

Mandy has also volunteered with Goodhue County Social Services. She has past experience working with youth at the Eau Claire Juvenile Detention Center and working in Intervention Services as a Case Manager for high risk youth, and as a Resident Counselor and Lead Staff at a group home for behavior based youth.

Chelsea is dedicated to help encourage kids to take responsibility for their life and actions and help them discover the resources they need in order to succeed.

She enjoys building a rapport with youth so they know that they can depend on her for support.

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Her main focus of study in college was Psychology. Kali has a great passion for working with youth. She also volunteered at College For Kids for four consecutive years.

She is driven to help youth in all aspects of their lives, wherever they may need assistance.

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She has focused her career primarily in human services. Kali has worked in mental health, chemical dependency, and with individuals with physical and mental disabilities. She is well versed in understanding federal and state funded programs.

Kali is very much family oriented and believes in offering youth the same support that she so deeply believes in.

PRAGMATIC IDEALISM: Religion’s Response to Juvenile Delinquency in the 20th Century

She believes in meeting youth, where they are, on an individual basis in order to assist them with self -growth.Youth Outreach Services (YOS) is a Chicago-based non-profit organization that partners with at-risk youth and their families to help them discover what they are capable of achieving.

Business, higher education, and community partners provide a wealth of resources to foster learning and to share the “world of work,” post–high school job training and educational options, and undergraduate and graduate school opportunities.

Youth Ministry Program: A One Year Sample This document is a SAMPLE parish youth ministry program that seeks to be faithful to the guidance of the USCCB guidelines for high school catechesis as instructed in the Adaptation.

Youth Goal and Objectives Youth Goal: Ensure all youth receive the education, training, and support business and labor collaboration. Plan requirement could be strengthened statewide by connecting it to other career and guidance.

United Nations Population Fund (United Nations, ) as youth or the youth population. By , this age group is expected to grow to million (Office of the Registrar General, ) and account for a slightly higher proportion of the total population than in The Veterans Outreach Program is part of the Mental Health Services Act plan, and provided by the Behavioral Health Department.

For more information on Veterans services and benefits, please visit the County's Veterans Services Office page.

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